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During #SeoulFashionWeek I wore my infamous Korean gat. I was told several times it was the first time anyone in-person had seen a woman wearing one especially a Chocolate one like me...

I love, love, love large brim hats. I think it's a hereditary trait that was passed down to me by my Great-Grandfather and my G-Ma. It was love at first sight when I watched my very first K-drama back in 2010, and saw Park Min Young wearing a gat. I HAD TO HAVE ONE!!

When I arrived in Seoul the first thing on my to-do list was to source a local Ganniljang (갓일장 a gat milliner) to make me one so I could debut it during Fashion Week. It was a bold statement I knew I could pull off and would be fitting to wear to my dear friend Juyoung Lee's Resurrection show. Me and my boo Creative Director/Blogger Beau Hemm killed the carpet on our way!

How Kpop Style Star TELISU Styled A Traditional Korean Gat 갓 With Blogger/Creative Director Beau Hemm (@BeauHemm) At Seoul Fashion Week

“A gat -갓 is a traditional Korean hat that was worn during the Joseon era with hanboks to symbolize the education and status of men. It is black, slightly transparent, cylindrical in shape and made from horsehair with a bamboo frame.”

After the shows I made my way from Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) to #Cheongdam. This is one of my fav areas to shop in Seoul. I met up with Jessica Jung, one half of the chic duo behind #RareMarket to preview their space before the launch party of THE VOLON. Then I went to hang out with #MarceloBurlon while he dj'ed for his County of Milan party at #BoonTheShop.


Kpop Style Star TELISU Dressed In A Traditional Korean Gat 갓 At Seoul Fashion Week

+ Hermes Medor Watch

+ Alexander McQueen Ring (similar here and here)

+ Alex and Anni Bracelets (similar here)

+ Vintage Studded Moto Jacket (similar here and here)

+ Black Maxi Slit Dress (similar here and here)

+ Thigh High Boots (similar here)

+ Sunglasses (similar here and here)

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